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Chargers in Wonderland

Tony Arguilar and Katie Mettert were the emcees for the rally. Photographs by Clarissa Guervarra

Tony Arguilar and Katie Mettert were the emcees for the rally. Photographs by Clarissa Guervarra

Tony Arguilar and Katie Mettert were the emcees for the rally. Photographs by Clarissa Guervarra

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On Wednesday, Sept. 27, ASB presented the 2017 Kick-Off Night Rally. The theme for the rally was Alice in Wonderland, and it incorporated a neon motif as well.

When walking into the gym, you immediately arrived into the world of Alice because the foyer was set up for a tea party. Area of the bleachers were divided by grade level and had posters for for each class.

Isha Tripathi, sophomore, said, “The preparations for the night rally took about a month, and we stayed after school some days to get everything done.” She is part of ASB and said it took a lot of teamwork to have a successful rally.

Doaa Elafify, has been in ASB for several years, assited with the preparation.

The rally started out with a clip from the cartoon movie of Alice and Wonderland, and when it finished, the emcees, Antonio Aguilar and Katie Mettert, ran through a poster dressed as the Mad Hatter and Alice. They then started out with a little trivia from the Alice and Wonderland, but none of the classes could get the first question so the prize of a Pumpkin Spice Latte went to a senior. The first game was the classic musical chairs which ultimately came down to two juniors, giving them the first win of the night.

Seniors Sela Pastrana, Jantzen Owen, Melanie Aguilera and Amy Encinias came dressed in their class color.

The class chants were done after each game, with the sophomores first, then juniors, freshmen, and lastly seniors. The seniors enhanced their chant with confetti cannons, balloons and a flag. The chants played a bigger role in this night rally than others because the class dances were eliminated this year. However, the staff still performed their annual teacher dance. Faculty, staff and administration participated in the dance, and students enjoyed the dance so much that they would not stop cheering them on.

The next five games included two wins for the seniors, two for juniors, and one for sophomores. The seventh game of the night–the tug of war–was popular to show off the strength of each class. The first round was an easy win for the juniors against the freshmen, lasting less than thirty seconds. The second round was also an easy win for the seniors against the sophomores. The last round came down to the senior and juniors; although almost equal in strength, the seniors came out with the win for the last game of the night.

Varsity and JV cheer also performed. They both pulled off amazing routines in the dark with black lights as their only source of light.

Homecoming princes were announced at the end of the rally.

Another difference with this rally was that homecoming court was announced at the end. The princes are Tony Aguilar, Josh Blackard, Matt Chavez, Josh Blackard, Talon Love and Julian Nuno, and the princesses are Bridget Bloss, Diana Borbon, Audrey Canoy, Eva Ortega and Jennavy Roybal. The king and queen will be announced at the Homecoming Dance on October 28.

Homecoming queen will be announced at the Homecoming Dance, which will be held at the Westiminster Rose Center on October 28.

Freshman Class President Ayah Abualhawa said, “It went pretty well, but it was difficult for my class to catch on to the class chant. I am looking forward to the next one.” This was her first rally as a freshman, and she is excited for the next night rally, which will be in the spring.

Amearah Belmont, senior, said, “I think this one was better because administration really let the student run it, and we had fun.” She has been to every rally and believes this rally was one of the best.

Jasmine Arevalo, Sophia Medrano, Cheyenne Lynn, Drew Diaz, Bridgette Bloss,Merna Franco and Autumn Petrick, seniors, enjoy the rally.

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