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The current bell schedule allows for a late start on Wednesday.

The current bell schedule allows for a late start on Wednesday.

Jaylee Cortes

Jaylee Cortes

The current bell schedule allows for a late start on Wednesday.

Early release or late start?

February 27, 2018

Charter Oak High School has had early release on Wednesday to allow teacher meetings and collaberation for a number of years. Administrators suggesting changing to an early release instead, but the teacher vote on the issue was announccd recently. Teacher and students seem to concur–No, thanks.

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Benefits of turning late start into early release

For many years a Charter Oak tradition is having a late start every Wednesday, where school starts at 8:20 for zero period and 9:10 for first period. However, there has been talk about changing the late start into an early release day.

Many students like having a late start because they get to sleep in, but there are some benefits to getting out earlier. Having an early release day would allow students to start on their homework earlier, as well as giving teachers more time to plan ahead on their lesson or to have the meetings usually held on Wednesday mornings.

Having an early release day would be like having a minimum day; it would just happen every week rather than once in a while. Not having a late start would also be beneficial to parents. Some of them have busy work schedules that are not flexible, requiring their children to walk to school. With this change morning schedules would stay the same; after school pick-up would need to be arranged.

Olivia Oracion, sophomore, said, “I think having an early release would be beneficial. We would be able to get out earlier and do more things after school, but if they keep late start, I wouldn’t mind.”

Without a late start, many students might not show up to school late since during late start days some go and get food and end up late. On late start days, if students show up late to their class they are given a detention, so late start can sometimes force students to give up their Wednesday mornings since they have to serve their detention.

Mary Messih, sophomore, said, “I would rather have an early release day because I usually wake up early on late start days anyways, so having one never really changes up my schedule.”

The students who have a zero period do not specifically enjoy a late start day because many of them are so used to their everyday schedule of waking up early that they just naturally wake up. Instead of going out before school to get something to eat or drink, they could do it after school with an early release day.

Having an early release day in place of a late start day would not only allow students to get out of school at an early time, but it might also be beneficial in helping prevent detentions, which is good for everyone.

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    Early Release? No, thanks, I’m good

    For years now, late start on Wednesdays has been the favorite day of the week for students and teachers. We wake up about 45 minutes later. We have more time to get ready or maybe to go out and have a nice breakfast with our friends before the hectic day starts. Lately, there has been talk amongst administration about switching from late start on Wednesday to early release next school year . . . which most people think is absolutely ridiculous.

    Early release will not do anything for students. We would just be released an hour and ten minutes early, which is not much of a difference if you think about it. While we would have a regular lunch period, it would earlier in the day.

    Can you think about how inappropriate actions will increase? Instead of using the extra hour for homework, kids will just take advantage of that time to create mischief. Also, the rates for drug and substance use will increase dramatically. More than usual on early release.

    If we were to switch to early release, local shopping centers would have to be aware of this change. They may forbid students from entering any businesses in the local area. If that happens, students will be enraged, and that will create a whole other problem. The banning of students from shopping centers happened at stores around Royal Oak Middle School four years ago.

    If we were to have early release, can you picture how much traffic there would be on the streets? Elementary and preschools are released at about the same time as CO, which means all streets would be backed up. Pedestrians who are trying to make their way through will be stuck, too. We would get complaints from the schools, the parents and the community, which would create another issue.

    Students have a lot to say when it comes to this issue. “It does not benefit me in the long run, and it takes away my learning time,” said Ayileen Hermosillo, junior.

    Parents also have their opinions on this possible change. “Changing school schedules midyear creates problems for parents with multiple kids. For example; picking up, children from multiple schools would be difficult, and working parents can’t change their work schedule to accommodate,” said a CO mother Christina Felix.

    In the end, a late start is more beneficial to students and administration versus an early release. More time to get ready, more time to sleep, more time to eat, more time to prepare for the day. Everybody wins.

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