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About Us

Editorial Policy

Goals     We will strive for excellence in each issue. As a student publication, we will strive to be a vital part of the high school and community.

We will strive to

  1. Report the news accurately, objectively, fully, and in depth.
  2. Provide leadership through frequent editorial comment.
  3. Meet professional journalism standards.
  4. Provide a forum of free exchange of ideas. Letters to the Editor and other reader contributions will be accepted provided they are signed.  Names may be withheld from publication if the Editorial Board, consisting of the editors and staff writers, deem it necessary, due to the content of the material. The newspaper reserves the right to edit letters for grammar, obscenity or space considerations, and also the right not to print a letter.
  5. Present major editorials in each issue, which will be unassigned and represent the opinion of staff. Other editorials may be signed and as such, would represent only the opinion of the author. Reviews will be considered signed editorials.
  6. Cooperate fully with the faculty and the student body in supporting school projects, and give honest evaluations of such projects.
  7. Give full credit for material that is not original.
  8. Acknowledge significant mistakes, and correct any major errors that are brought back to the attention of the staff.
  9. Use the most effective style of expression, based upon the Associated Press Stylebook.
  10. Attempt to create a valid impression of the concerns of the student and faculty of the high school.Send letters to the editor, comments, suggestions or concerns to [email protected]

Send letters to the editor, suggestions or concerns to [email protected]


The student news site of Charter Oak High School
About Us